Cerillion offer to Reduce Operators’ Costs & Improve Cash Flow with Total Interconnect Management Service

London, 25th February 2002 - Convergent customer relationship management and billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, today announced the launch of a new service called IBAS Total Interconnect Management to reduce operator costs and improve their cash flow.

The service provides a full billing and settlement service for all existing Interconnect partnerships. It also offers on going reviews of partnerships to ensure that the best value partnerships are maintained. In addition the service also looks at areas in which further network expansion might make sense for the operator.
Says Robin Burton, Cerillion Technologies Head of Marketing: “Interconnect bandwidth can easily account for more than 50% of operator’s costs today. It is vitally important that these costs are managed for maximum advantage. However for many operators it is difficult to find staff with the right level of expertise to do this. It can also be difficult to cost effectively implement and maintain the necessary IT infrastructure.”
The service uses the IBAS Interconnect Management System. This has been specifically developed to meet the needs of Interconnect Billing, Settlement and Management. A system of CDR aggregation allows rapid rating of real traffic against a range of existing and potential offers from Interconnect partners. It also allows for suspended CDRs to be dealt with by class.
This system is operated by Cerillion Technologies staff; experienced in the management of Interconnect relationships. They ensure that invoices are accurate and are issued promptly to maximise cash flow. They also check invoices received from partners in order to ensure that operators pay no more then they need. The Cerillion team will also, examine alternative offers to point out where savings can be made.
The service is offered for a fixed monthly fee to cover all costs of operating the service.
Louis Hall, Cerillion Technologies CEO commented: “Manufacturing companies have always paid a very close attention to the costs of components and raw materials. Our service allows operators to pay close attention to Interconnect costs. ”