Severn Trent Retail Services Choose Cerillion Interconnect Solution

London, 28th January 2003 - Convergent CRM and Event Based Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, has announced that Severn Trent Retail Services Limited have selected its IBAS Interconnect Billing and Carrier Management system.

Severn Trent Retail Services, is a sister company of Severn Trent Water and it supplies telecommunications, gas, electricity and insurance cover to both business and domestic markets. Phone services are marketed to domestic consumers, SMEs and corporate customers under the name of Severn Trent Talks.
Simon Groves, General Manager for Severn Trent Talks, said:   “We aim to give our customers the very best value for money. In order to do that it is vital that we buy Interconnect minutes as effectively as possible. The Cerillion IBAS system has been selected not only so that we can accurately reconcile our bills from partners but also so that we can select the best routes, accurately judge the case for network extensions and provide a quality service to our customers. In short the system should enable us to minimise costs, maximise efficiency and provide a quality service.”
Said Robin Burton, Cerillion Technologies Head of Marketing:  “Interconnect Management has evolved through a number of steps. Initially many companies either assumed that the traffic that they exchanged with partners would mutually balance and therefore need not be monitored or billed for. Others simply trusted their partners to bill them correctly. Then, as the market developed, it became obvious that in most cases traffic flows would not be balanced. This led to the need for accurate billing and reconciliation. Today the market has moved on again. Interconnect traffic can easily account for 50% or more of a telecom company’s costs. It is therefore vital to manage that traffic for maximum margin and minimum leakage. Our IBAS package is therefore much more than just a billing system, it is a complete Interconnect Business Management solution.”
Cerillion IBAS uses a unique design approach that “aggregates” incoming call records. These aggregates can be re-rated very quickly indeed. This delivers much higher agility than alternative systems and makes it quick and simple to regularly report on liabilities and exposures, compare routing costs, eliminate suspended files and evaluate network expansion plans. It enables near real time management of the whole Interconnect business.