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Digital Transformation is fast becoming a key strategic objective for many Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Moving BSS to the cloud is an important aspect of this transformation. However, many CSPs do not have a strategic roadmap to migrate their BSS to the cloud and very often the key drivers for cloud adoption are purely commercial objectives. While CSPs understand that moving to the cloud makes perfect business sense, the reason for this passive approach stems from privacy and security concerns, internal resistance to change and a perceived immaturity of cloud technologies, among other concerns. As more CSPs offer cloud services to their customers and see demonstrable benefits, many expect the cloud BSS adoption levels (currently <10%) to dramatically increase by 2020. 

Going forward, the outlook is positive for cloud BSS because of key commercial and strategic benefits that it brings for CSPs. It allows these businesses to explore new commercial models that enable them to operate more efficiently. Cloud BSS solutions also accelerate the time to market by drastically cutting the implementation timeline compared to an on-premise approach. Importantly, it also allows CSPs to venture into newer areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or the OTT space which can be a huge lifeline amidst dwindling revenues from voice and data services. In addition, it allows them to launch attractively-priced, stripped down services for specific market segments. Furthermore, it enables service providers to introduce personalised and contextualised offers for their customers.

This guest white paper by the TM Forum, and sponsored by Cerillion, delves into the importance of cloud BSS and explores the various options available for implementation. Based on insights generated from an industry-wide survey, the whitepaper presents cloud BSS adoption data among service providers and lists the core functions most popular for cloud migration. The report also helps readers understand the potential benefits of cloud - OPEX savings, CAPEX savings, scalability and agility – over on-premise BSS. In addition, this research also lends itself as a useful handbook containing successful strategies and best practices for future cloud BSS migration efforts by CSPs. 

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