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BSS & OSS Modernisation: Linchpin of Telco Digital Transformation

The advent of the digital economy has placed new demands on Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and the current breed of BSS/OSS systems are simply unable to cope with these demands. CSPs have to contend with legacy systems that are unable to integrate efficiently with new applications, resulting in a tangled web of disparate operational systems and processes. CSPs need to quickly reimagine the ways they operate and engage with their customers to succeed within this new paradigm.

Telcos have to reposition themselves as Digital Services Providers (DSPs) and distance themselves from the proverbial ‘dumb pipes’ mindset. Digital Transformation is essentially about modernising business processes and systems to compete with the digitally nimble, over-the-top (OTT) competitors. However, the journey towards becoming a DSP should not be viewed as a stumbling block; rather it is an opportunity for CSPs to revolutionise their BSS/OSS architectures based on analytics-driven automation, streamlined management functions and greater alignment between service management and business goals.

Digital Transformation should have a positive impact on every organisation across areas such as corporate strategy, sales, customer support, IT and network operations, among others. It paves the way for increased operator revenues through personalised offers and faster time to market, as well as reduced operating costs through greater automation and easier integration.

This guest white paper by Heavy Reading, and sponsored by Cerillion, lays down a blueprint for Digital Transformation in the telecoms industry. Focusing on BSS/OSS modernisation, the whitepaper highlights the key aspects of Digital Transformation in the following areas:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Agility of operations
  • Enabling internal innovation
  • The platform play

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