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Internet of Things: Business Models and Monetisation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating an exciting new ecosystem for companies to disrupt existing markets, create new monetisation opportunities and rewrite the rules of the game. The key to monetising IoT, however, lies in quickly identifying the right layer for your business to operate within the IoT value chain and selecting the business model which can deliver a compelling value proposition to your customers. In order to reap the benefits of IoT, businesses also need to embrace digital transformation, invest in new support systems capabilities and comply with newer standards.

This white paper discusses the advance of the Internet of Things and offers a framework to approach the monetisation of IoT. We explore the current state of the IoT market and factors that are driving adoption along with the opportunities and challenges that lie within the domain. We also present a simplified version of the IoT value chain focusing on the hardware, network, platform and solution layers, and examine the nature of the billing relationships between them. Symbiotic technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G combined with the power of IoT are unearthing interesting use cases across telecoms, media & publishing, information technology, and other ‘smart’ industries. This paper also looks at some of these use cases and offers solutions to take advantage of the revenue opportunities that lie within the IoT era.

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