Delivering on the promise of convergence takes much more than just presenting a multi-service bill to your customers, it means transforming your BSS/OSS systems to deliver a convergent experience at all customer touchpoints and in all back-office processes.

Based on the company's BSS/OSS Suite, Cerillion Unify is a pre-packaged SaaS solution for quad-play CSPs who need to manage the full range of service types, payment methods and business models in a single convergent system. It delivers seamless business processes and a much faster time to value, built on the know-how and experience of more than 80 customer projects worldwide.

How do we do it?

Flexible Product Catalogue

Fail fast and succeed quickly, with an intuitive product catalogue that allows you to rapidly build, test and launch new products and packages based on reusable components and templates.

Omni-channel CRM

Improve your customer experience through high quality, consistent customer service across all contact channels, including call centre, IVR, dealer outlet and online self-service.

Streamlined Sales

Accelerate sales with an intuitive and fully configurable sales and order management system, including CPQ and comprehensive lead and opportunity management capabilities.

Convergent Charging

Create new revenue streams from convergent services with a unified charging engine for all customer types, service types and payment methods.

Multi-service Billing

Deliver more choice to your customers through rolled-up and multi-party billing, billing by purchase order and flexible bill formatting by market segment.

Workflow & Provisioning

Boost customer satisfaction using automated workflow and provisioning to ensure service integrity throughout the fulfilment lifecycle.

Self Service

Empower your customers with a configurable self-service portal for offering a comprehensive range of online sales and self-care features.

Mobile App

Deliver a digital-first customer experience through white-label iOS and Android apps to complement your self-service portal.

Analytics & Insights

Unlock the full value of your customer data through AI/ML and enabling users to easily explore and visualise data in real-time.

Don't just take our word for it

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Ready to find out more?

Don’t be blinded by sales slideware, book a personalised demo now to see how Cerillion Unify can manage all your quad-play BSS/OSS needs.

  • Launch new convergent services

    Easy to use product catalogue allows you to manage all your products, services, tariffs and packages in one central place.

  • Automate your back-office

    Create a fully scalable business through pre-integrated modules and end-to-end process automation.

  • Deliver a digital customer experience

    Drive customer engagement with a digital-first strategy built on self-service and mobile apps.