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The ongoing rollout of 5G will bring radical improvements to networks in bandwidth, speed and latency. Customer expectation for providers to offer more innovative service offerings will only grow, particularly when paired with the richer digital experiences afforded in immersive content.

It is critical, therefore, for telcos to secure their positions in the new value chain created by these technologies, and deliver superior customer experiences around new products & models. Successful monetisation of the 5G opportunity relies on dependable business and operational support systems.

Rather than acting only as connectivity providers, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) must transform into Digital Services Providers (DSPs) and position themselves as ecosystem enablers, spread across the 5G value chain, with the monetisation of these new and improved services central to their strategy.

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Enhanced connectivity based on QoS and latency will differentiate 5G services, with infrastructure sharing leading to more wholesale / retail relationships and ongoing growth in embedded connectivity.



Integrated partnerships, where a CSP’s offerings are enhanced by partner content and applications to create a portfolio of enterprise solutions tailored to the needs of each industry vertical.



CSPs evolve from core connectivity solutions providers to digital service providers, leveraging the unique capabilities of 5G to offer specialist content including smart home, smart city and other online services.



Instead of creating their own content, CSPs provide open access platforms which offer enabling services to anyone, including identity management, entitlement, billing and payment services.

How Cerillion can help

Cerillion’s 5G monetisation solution delivers a pre-integrated BSS/OSS platform that enables CSPs to rollout 5G services fast and move up the value chain

Key benefits of the Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS suite:

  •  Rapidly build and launch new 5G products
  •  Sell 5G services through any channel
  •  Robust 5G fulfilment and service orchestration
  •  5G-ready online charging
  •  Digital first 5G customer experience
  •  Billing and settlement for 5G value chain
  •  Rapid on-boarding of 5G MVNOs
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5G Monetisation made easy

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