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With a number of vacancies in our regional centre of excellence in Sofia, Bulgaria, we have plenty of opportunities for talented and ambitious candidates.

Since 2021, Cerillion’s regional centre of excellence in Sofia has supported delivery projects to clients across the world. This is a significant opportunity for talented individuals to make a real impact on the direction of Cerillion’s newest international office.

As a major developing European technology hub, Sofia is one of the top ten best places for start-up tech businesses, enjoying a steady economic growth over the past few years. The country has built a reputation of an attractive IT destination for developing software, with Sofia Invest’s 2020 report highlighting the city’s reputation as a major ICT centre, employing over 50,000 people.

“This is a great opportunity for BSS professionals to work with customers all over the world and take their expertise to the next level… These are exciting times for Cerillion, and it is fantastic that Bulgarian professionals can now join the team in Sofia and be a part of this new chapter for the company.”

Rozalia Pandauzova
Head of Operations
Cerillion Bulgaria

Benefits offered to Bulgaria employees:

  • Competitive salary, annual bonus and other benefits
  • Private healthcare program
  • Flexible working hours and remote working options when needed
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Fresh fruit and pastries
  • Rooftop café / bar and workspace

Having the telco industry deep in my heart, I find myself at home in Cerillion Technologies. I admire the endless opportunities to learn state of the art technologies and be involved in transformation projects all over the world, shaping customer success.


Senior Consultant

Thanks to the extraordinary tech-savvy family Cerillion, starting as Graduate Consultant has proved to be one of the best taken decisions so far. The supportive team and endless learning opportunities have empowered me to experiment and grow as a professional, and as a person.


Graduate Consultant

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