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Cerillion Unveils New Convergent Mediation Solution – Mediator Plus

London, 11th February 2009 – Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies has announced the launch of Mediator Plus, a new convergent online and offline mediation system. The solution is designed to support the sophisticated charging requirements of operators as they rollout real-time next generation communications services to their entire customer base. 

Mediator Plus is the first new product delivered as part of Cerillion’s Total Convergence Architecture (TCA) – a flexible model that helps telecom operators to address the critical challenges of converging their prepaid and postpaid platforms. 

Mediator Plus enables operators to tap into new revenue generation opportunities. It solves complex data integration challenges in one single platform, supporting any combination of online and offline processing. It is also designed to minimise implementation efforts in a user-friendly manner, providing an unprecedented speed of deployment and ease of operation. 

Operator-specific mediation processes and policies can be modelled, configured, deployed and maintained through Mediator Plus’ intuitive graphical user interface. The system also uses a core set of functional components to provide comprehensive rules-based processing capabilities. A powerful just-in-time compiled scripting language allows the user to specify the behaviour of these components and what type of processing is to be performed. 

In addition, Mediator Plus supports all the main charging interface protocols including Diameter and is built for carrier-grade operation, supporting real-time N+1 high-availability configurations. 

“Many technology vendors today offer separate online and offline mediation systems. Aligned within our flexible TCA framework, Mediator Plus enables operators to conduct all of the same processes on a single convergent platform,” says Louis Hall, Cerillion’s chief executive.  “We believe the enhanced efficiency that Mediator Plus delivers will be a source of competitive advantage for operators as they gear up to offer a new generation of real-time services.”

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