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Cerillion Catalyst Project Wins Business Impact Award at Digital Transformation World 2018

TM Forum’s award recognises the Catalyst teams who have demonstrated outstanding work in solving real-world challenges or making future opportunities a reality

London, 30th May 2018 – Cerillion (AIM: CER), a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management solutions, today announced that its Catalyst project “Proving the Business Model for Sponsored Network Slices: Mobile Gaming” has been selected as a winner in TM Forum’s 2018 Catalyst Awards at Digital Transformation World in Nice. Championed by NTT Group and Orange, and delivered in collaboration between Cerillion, Cloudstreet, Nokia and Sigma Systems, the project was recognised for Outstanding Catalyst Business Impact.

The Catalyst project proved how application-aware ‘network slices’ can be used by game developers and publishers to provide premium online services that will enrich the gamer experience and boost telco revenues, whilst continuing to adhere to applicable net neutrality regulations. Cerillion implemented its cloud billing application, Cerillion Skyline, to dynamically solve the billing and settlement challenges of the sponsored data business model.

Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects which connect diverse organisations to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models. Twice per year, TM Forum recognises the Catalyst teams who have demonstrated outstanding work in developing solutions to the challenges that the industry is facing. The 7 winning programs were selected from 24 Catalysts, all of which were showcased at this year’s Digital Transformation World.

“The Catalyst projects showcased at Digital Transformation World 2018 were incredibly innovative and demonstrated real solutions to industry challenges,” said Andy Tiller, EVP Collaboration and Innovation, TM Forum. “Catalysts showcase the power of collaboration enabled by TM Forum, and bring together a wide range of companies, industries and ecosystems. Our sincere congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated for their outstanding work.”

“We are delighted that our Catalyst project has won the prestigious Outstanding Catalyst Business Impact award for proving how CSPs can quickly on-board new enterprise customers and create new revenue streams based on sponsored network slices,” commented Louis Hall, CEO, Cerillion plc. “It also underlines the flexibility and openness of our cloud billing solution, Cerillion Skyline, in being able to help CSPs to quickly launch and monetise new services using TM Forum OpenAPIs to achieve multi-vendor integration.”

More than 100 member companies and hundreds of individuals participated in the 2018 Catalyst projects, which spanned Open APIs, SDN & NFV, digital health, data monetisation, AI, blockchain, smart cities, the Internet of Everything and more.

The winners of the 2018 Catalyst Awards were judged by TM Forum’s Collaboration Sub-Committee, which oversees the effective creation and adoption of pragmatic best practices and standards, delivering value to the membership by meeting industry needs.

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