Cerillion Launches Real Time, Rules Based Mediation System

London, 5th May 2003 - Convergent CRM and Event Based Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, has announced a new, real time, rules based mediation platform for fixed, mobile, IP and converged networks. It has been specifically designed to work with pre-pay platforms, as well as other network elements, to provide a mediation solution for pre-pay / post pay converged operations. 

The new Cerillion Mediator can process a wide variety of event record formats, applying user defined rules to perform data mapping, error checking, validation and record consolidation,  ultimately producing a common internal format before output.   It can also correlate multiple events to create one single, billable record. 

The Mediator can receive and manipulate usage records from a wide variety of different sources in real time, including:

•  Fixed network event records
•  Mobile network event records
•  IP event records
•  Roaming records (e.g. TAP)
•  Manually generated or amended usage records.
•  External network usage information. 

The Cerillion Mediator can output data configured to suit the needs of downstream applications such as rating and billing.  It can also filter usage record output streams by type to suit different applications. This, for example, allows only roaming usage records to be output to a particular application.

Mediator has already been tested in use with equipment from a variety of network vendors, including Ericsson, Siemens, Lucent, Alcatel and GPT systems. 

Said Business Development Director, Guy O’Connor:   “The rules based architecture gives us a mediation solution that is ideally suited to converged, real time and cost sensitive applications. New data streams can be easily and quickly incorporated using the rules engine. This allows the system to change seamlessly as an operator’s network itself evolves.”

Said Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion Technologies Ltd: “Mediation is a vital part of any OSS solution. Mediator allows us to cope with a wide variety of inputs in real time and at a realistic cost. This makes it an ideal answer for the multi service operator”

The system has already been ordered for implementation by two European operators.
About Cerillion Technologies

Based in Central London, Cerillion provides convergent CRM and Billing Solutions to fixed, mobile, IP and convergent operators worldwide.    Cerillion Technologies was formed in October 1999 through the Management Buyout of the in house Customer Care and Billing division of Logica, which has been supporting operators needs since 1992.

The Cerillion CRM & Event Based Billing solution provides operators and service providers with a flexible end-to-end solution, to their customer care and billing needs, along with operational support functionality such as workflow management, Web Care and mediation.   In addition, Cerillion supports IP and content based billing as well as third generation technologies such as GPRS and UMTS. 

In April 2001 Cerillion Technologies also acquired the Interconnect and Carrier Management software product division of CACI Ltd.   The product, Cerillion IBAS, not only manages Interconnect billing but also uses near real time data to help companies to get the best possible relationships with their partners.

Cerillion works closely with technology partners such as Oracle to ensure clients are delivered the broadest functionality within one pre-integrated solution.   In addition partners such as Logica provide integration and implementation strength.