Cerillion to Provide CRM & Billing for Gamtel & Gamcell

London, UK, 9th February 2005 – Convergent CRM and Event Based Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, has signed an agreement to provide a complete CRM and Billing solution for Gamtel, the primary fixed wire communications provider in Gambia, and Gamcell, a wholly owned subsidiary providing GSM services.  As part of the project Cerillion will migrate more than 200,000 fixed and mobile subscribers from two separate legacy systems in to the new convergent solution.  Cerillion are providing their Revenue Manager, CRM Plus, Interconnect Manager and Information Manager products. It will also include the Real World Network Management Solution.

Mr Omar P Ndou, the Managing Director of Gamtel, said: “We have been investing heavily in expanding our network to improve our customer’s experience, grow revenue and to increase profitability. This will include an expansion of 250,000 lines to our network. As part of this programme it is vital that we update our billing and customer management capability. We have selected the Cerillion system after an extensive study of the alternatives. Cerillion offers a complete solution with both an economical cost of ownership and a high level of flexibility that will allow us to adapt easily as our business expands.”

Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion Technologies, said:  “West Africa is a key focus for us. Our complete end-to-end solution is ideal for the converged operators in the region, and we are delighted to have been selected by Gamtel.  With Sotelgui of Guinea, this means that we now have two converged fixed wire and mobile customers in the region.”

Notes to editor

About Gamtel

Gamtel is the primary provider of telecommunications services in the Gambia, The company is a state owned, limited liability company, with the Gambia government owning 99% of shares and Gambia National Insurance Company (GNIC) owning 1% of shares. The Company has steadily created a modern efficient network infrastructure, using state-of -the -art technology in order to respond to the increasing demand of a dynamic market.

Gamtel has grown swiftly into one of Gambia's leading enterprises recording an annual turnover of D417.8 million for the year ending 2001 and expecting an estimated figure of D419million for the year ending 2002.

During the eighteen years of operations Gamtel have achieved and hit countless number of targets. Among its latest ventures was the introduction of integrated service digital network (ISDN), virtual private network (VPN), Internet Service Provider (ISP), electronic banking (E-BANKING) and still on the pipeline is electronic education (E-LEARNING) and electronic commerce (E-COMMERCE). All this hard work and tireless efforts comes down to one thing and one thing alone: to provide a complete range of communications services, based on market demand, at the lowest possible cost to the customers and using the most modern and effective technology.