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After years of build-up and growing anticipation, the first consumer services based on 5G were finally launched around the world during 2019. In the UK, EE, O2, Three and Vodafone all launched 5G services to some degree, whilst the big four carriers of the US – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint – have also rolled out commercial 5G services in various cities across the country. These launches have made one thing clear – telcos need to think differently about 5G services by ditching the traditional mindset around pricing and come up with more innovative ways of monetising their services. Radical improvements in bandwidth, speed and latency offered by 5G mean that telcos can leverage the opportunity to offer richer digital experiences and find new ways to engage their customers. 

This white paper explores the many facets of the ongoing 5G rollout, both technological and cultural, that businesses must adapt to in order to keep their product offering relevant and reactive. Subjects covered include the new avenues for business created by 5G monetisation, the technology underpinning these new networks, including opportunities for convergence with the Internet of Things (IoT), the importance of industry partnerships and the business and operational support systems needed for successful monetisation.

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