Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS

Take the risk out of your BSS/OSS transformation project with a pre-integrated Digital BSS suite where all the modules are built from the outset to work together, providing a faster time to value, seamless business processes and an unparalleled certainty of outcome.

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Digital BSS Suite

Cerillion is a pre-integrated end-to-end BSS/OSS suite for mobile, fixed, cable and multi-service communications providers. It combines the functional depth and flexibility of best-of-breed, with the operational efficiency of an end-to-end integrated system, to deliver the ultimate in system agility.

Built around a common technology framework using industry standards including TM Forum Open APIs and the 3GPP charging specifications, Cerillion supports any deployment model:
  • As an end-to-end BSS/OSS solution, managing the complete lifecycle of customers, products, services and revenues
  • In a mixed deployment, where selected modules may be replaced by 3rd party applications
  • Individual best-of-breed modules and point solutions

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Here's why pre-integration REALLY matters


Better Product Evaluation - Don’t be blinded by sales slideware, see a fully integrated BSS/OSS solution before you buy.

Faster Delivery - Less integration is required as all modules already work together out of the box.

Lower Risk - Lower risk for your business with seamless end-to-end processes and fixed price delivery.

Smaller Delivery Team - Can be implemented by a small team of experts, so your business won’t be swamped by vendor staff.

Lower OPEX - Requires fewer staff to operate the system, cutting your overheads and improving operational efficiency.

Better Value for Money - Smaller teams, less integration and lower risk, ultimately means lower price implementation.

Greater Customer Satisfaction - Joined up business processes, no data replication and a unified view of the customer all adds up to a far better customer experience.

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Why choose Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS?

Modular and pre-integrated

Point solutions and end-to-end transformations, all delivered on a fixed price basis.

Service agnostic

Mobile, fixed, cable, TETRA, multi-play, … all in one convergent Digital BSS solution.

True product model

All customers on the product path, with regular upgrades available through our Evergreen programme.

Digital customer experience

Go digital-first with our customisable self-service portal and native iOS and Android apps.

Flexible deployment

Private cloud, hybrid cloud, hosted and on-premises deployment options.

Vendor you can trust

Proven track record of delivering complex BSS/OSS projects for more than 21 years.

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