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New Cerillion release puts CSPs on the fast track to success

London, 2nd November 2021 – Cerillion (AIM: CER) today unveiled the latest release of its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite, Cerillion 21.2, providing Communications Services Providers (CSPs) with a flexible and scalable platform that supports business change through configuration not customisation. So whether it’s monetising 5G B2B services, pivoting to new markets or focusing on the Total Experience (TX), Cerillion provides the agility needed to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

Cerillion’s pure product model and six-monthly major releases already deliver clear benefits to its customers – one product for all service types, faster and lower risk implementation, earlier access to new features and lower TCO. Now, with the launch of Cerillion 21.2, CSPs will also benefit from:

  • 5G Charging Evolution. As the rollout of 5G gathers pace, Cerillion Convergent Charging System (CCS) has been upgraded with enhanced session management, offering dynamic balance reservation options to optimise system performance and scalability for both B2C and B2B services. CCS is also now compatible with the 3GPP “Nchf” REST-based charging interface, preparing CSPs for the rollout of 5G Standalone.
  • Streamlined Account Creation. New in Cerillion CRM Plus is a completely redesigned customer and account creation process which caters for the full range of CSP use cases – from the complexities of enterprise business models to the simplest of consumer subscription models – aligning CSR workflows with the simplicity and efficiency of self-service channels, and all achieved via no-code configuration.
  • Universal Search. Improving CSR efficiency and customer satisfaction is the introduction of Universal Search, which speeds up access to customer records and enables users to jump directly to open activities such as pending work orders, unpaid bills or incomplete trouble tickets. Built on the TM Forum Open APIs, Universal Search can be linked to any Open API across the suite through configuration only, allowing system search options to be tailored for each customer deployment.
  • Master Address Management. Also new in Cerillion 21.2 is much greater flexibility of address management, with now three different deployment architectures:
    - Cerillion Network Inventory owning the master address list, as part of managing the physical network assets
    - Cerillion Service Manager as the master, with easy import and update of address lists from external sources
    - API integration with online postcode / zip code lookup systems to populate customer address data within Cerillion CRM Plus
  • Enhanced B2B Sales Management. Building on the new Lead and Opportunity Management module introduced in Cerillion 21.1, the latest release adds an additional layer of operational control and governance across the B2B sales cycle, with new dashboards and workflow steps to ensure sales managers have the necessary oversight and approval of all deals.

In addition, Cerillion has continued to add new standard integrations as part of a growing ecosystem of compatible solutions, now including e-signatures via DocuSign and customer feedback using CustomerGauge.

“Enabling business agility has always been at the forefront of our company strategy, helping customers to respond to market challenges and opportunities through a versatile product-based solution,” commented Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion. “Cerillion 21.2 takes this to the next level with further flexibility to scale up and down or to pivot quickly, delivered with the same certainty of outcome that we have built our reputation on over the past 22 years.”

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