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OpenNet upgrades to evergreen future with Cerillion

London, 28th September 2021 – Cerillion (AIM: CER), an innovator in digital monetisation and customer management solutions, today announced a 6-year extension to its agreement with OpenNet, a wholesale telecoms business connecting Denmark’s fibre infrastructure owners and service providers. OpenNet will upgrade its core BSS platform to Cerillion 21 and join Cerillion’s Evergreen Software Programme to continuously gain access to the latest product developments. In addition, OpenNet has signed a significant licence expansion to support its on-going growth, and is extending its use of Cerillion’s Managed Service and private cloud platform.

Since launching on Cerillion in 2019, OpenNet has grown rapidly using the system’s open integration layer and a template driven model to enable a very smooth onboarding process for new infrastructure owners and service providers. One of the immediate gains from the upgrade comes with the implementation of Cerillion’s Enterprise Product Catalogue, which will enable OpenNet to easily build, test and deploy new wholesale products for its burgeoning set of partners. Furthermore, the new CRM framework will provide OpenNet with much greater flexibility in deployment and a more intuitive user experience.

“Working with Cerillion we have been able to very quickly establish and grow our wholesale business, safe in the knowledge we have a robust, scalable and flexible BSS platform underpinning our operations,” commented Henrik Møller Nielsen, CEO, OpenNet. “By extending our agreement and joining Cerillion’s Evergreen Software Programme, we are taking this to the next level giving us access to exciting new capabilities and future-proofing our business for the challenges of tomorrow.”

“OpenNet has carved out an exciting new wholesale business linking service providers with fibre infrastructure owners to deliver greater broadband choice and better service levels to end customers,” commented Louis Hall, CEO, Cerillion. “We are delighted that they see the benefits of our true product model, and look forward to further on-going collaboration and success together in the future.”

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About OpenNet

OpenNet is a company that operates a business and collaboration model that aims to help fiber networks and service providers collaborate when the networks are opened for access from 3rd party providers. OpenNet has already agreements with a large number of fiber Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers in Denmark, such as SEF, Onefiber by Globalconnect, Verdo, Nord Energi, Thy-Mors Energi, MES, RAH and Norlys, as well as with service providers such as Altibox, Telenor, TDC / YouSee, Hiper, Stofa, Fibia, Bolig·Net, Kviknet and Fastspeed.

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