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Cloud Billing - Enabling Innovation and Revenue Growth

The subscription business model is going from strength to strength as companies evolve from selling products to becoming ‘as-as-service’ providers. It is a process that has the potential to transform your entire organisation - whether you are an established company looking to rapidly launch new services or solutions, or a new start-up, eager to develop an agile and flexible customer engagement strategy. 

But moving to a subscriptions-based model can also bring challenges, and no matter how creative and innovative your business is, you can find yourself held back by a seemingly straightforward back office process - your billing. 

It is an ongoing trend highlighted in an online survey Cerillion ran gauging the views of 200 senior IT professionals. Across a broad range of industry verticals polled, the results revealed that the number of businesses operating with one-off product pricing models is set to fall by 39% in the near future. In contrast, new relationship-based services built around subscriptions are on the rise, including freemium and pay-per-use pricing models. 

Rather than selling products individually, a subscription provides periodic use or access to a product or service, benefiting suppliers by securing a steady stream of recurring revenue and providing a regular contact point to strengthen the customer relationship, reducing churn and making it easier to cross-sell and up-sell new services. It is an approach with the potential to transform both established organisations looking to rapidly launch new services or solutions, and new businesses eager to quickly develop an agile and flexible customer engagement strategy. 

In this white paper, we show you how you can turn billing from a barrier to an enabler of innovation and provide practical tips and advice on how you can use cloud billing to help you to either build a new subscription business or better manage your existing one.

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