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Smart City BSS/OSS Challenges & Opportunities

Smart City BSS/OSS White Paper

Cities that are “smart” encompass elements such as digital connectivity, data-driven decision-making, automation and integration of various domains such as transportation, energy and public safety. These capabilities are powered by high speed, low latency networks, and a proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to monitor, manage and optimise the utilisation of various municipal facilities.

As urban environments become increasingly connected, Communication Services Providers (CSPs) can provide so much more than just the essential communication networks; they can deliver the services and solutions that underpin the transformation of cities into intelligent, efficient and sustainable ecosystems.
By leveraging their strong local brands and expertise in connectivity, IoT and BSS/OSS, CSPs can position themselves as key enablers of the smart city revolution and play a pivotal role in monetising smart city assets while ensuring maximum sustainability.

However, though existing systems may be capable of supporting smart city communications services, the new requirements of complex city services, such as smart traffic, utilities or energy, may not run on existing systems without significant modification or integration. Furthermore, without the right BSS/OSS platforms, CSPs may miss out on the chance to offer “as-a-Service” capabilities to other city service providers too.

This white paper delves into the opportunities available to CSPs and their unique role in enabling and monetising smart city initiatives, and the vital part played by robust and flexible BSS/OSS solutions in supporting the interconnected devices and systems that will form the foundation of smart city projects in the coming years.

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