Cerillion Product Forum 2020: Taking a bold step online

Cerillion Product Forum 2020: Taking a bold step online
Last month, Cerillion was joined by clients from around the world for its latest product forum – the first to take place wholly online – setting out the roadmap for its software solutions for the next year. Adam Hughes reports back from the virtual meeting room.

Not to be deterred by the COVID-induced work-from-home policy, Cerillion recently pushed ahead with its Product Forum in a new online format.

Presented for the first time as a webinar, Cerillion invited representatives from its customers around the world, including quad play, MVNOs, 5G and wholesale service providers, to learn more about the latest product developments and upcoming roadmap.

Following a short introduction from Cerillion’s Business Development Director, Richard Doughty,  attention was soon focused on the latest evolution of our CRM Plus product with a completely redesigned user experience including task-based navigation and separate ‘apps’ for logical work areas, as well as an enhanced smart search and the introduction of keyboard shortcuts – all designed to increase customer service efficiency.

Next up was Cerillion’s mobile app, with an in-depth demonstration of the latest features from the product team, including in-app notifications for service lifecycle events and marketing promotions, to drive user engagement with a digital first customer experience. Since we first launched our mobile app it has proved to be one of the hottest areas in our Enterprise BSS/OSS suite, and the product forum confirmed this once again with lots of interest and discussion around the new capabilities on offer.

Closing off the agenda was a walkthrough of our Evergreen Software Model, which ensures that Cerillion customers have access to the most up-to-date version of all products available, thanks to our biannual schedule of new releases and flexible upgrade options. Crucially, customers signed up to Evergreen also get direct engagement with the Cerillion product group and participation in the roadmap, providing the maximum benefit of working with a true product vendor.

“It was excellent to see how engaged our customers are with the direction we’re taking and our product line moving forward,” said Brian Coombs, Product Director at Cerillion. “Despite the enforced switch to an online webinar, we’re really pleased with the response we’ve had, and will definitely use this format again in future sessions.”

Cerillion works hand-in-hand with its customer base to ensure its products remain at the forefront of the industry and of the utmost quality. Contact us now to learn more about becoming a part of this growing network.