Onboarding Made Easy with Cerillion Skyline

Onboarding Made Easy with Cerillion Skyline
Now more than ever, it’s critical for subscription businesses to automate billing processes. How does Cerillion’s assisted implementation service ensure that a customer’s bespoke charging and billing platform is ready for launch in as little as three weeks? We break down the onboarding process from start to finish in simple terms.
To secure your key business functions and safeguard revenue streams, taking that first step to streamlining your billing, payments and renewals processes is now more important than ever. But automating these crucial processes should not be a daunting task, and when you choose Cerillion Skyline as your subscription billing platform, our team will manage the onboarding and integration process.

Unlike many SaaS providers who leave you to work things out for yourself, Cerillion recognises the mission critical role that billing plays and provides a range of assisted implementation services to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible and using best practices. In six easy steps, outlined below, Cerillion will have your platform set up, taking from just three weeks on average to have you ready for launch.

Skyline onboarding comes as a value-added extra to help you on the path to achieving your business goals. And it’s all accomplished in the cloud, so no matter what your current or future work situation may be, we will ensure that billing is taken care of.

The onboarding process is laid out in this infographic: