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The road ahead: customers gather for first Product Forum of 2021

Product Forum

Last week, clients from around the world joined Cerillion for its latest biannual Product Forum, offering an exclusive preview of the next product release and setting out the roadmap for the year ahead.

The latest Cerillion Product Forum took place last week, continuing with the virtual format pioneered last year. With representatives from 60% of Cerillion’s global customer base, the forum provided an in-depth look at the upcoming April product release, as well as the planned developments for the next 12 months.

After a short welcome by Cerillion’s Business Development Director, Richard Doughty, proceedings continued with in-depth presentations and demonstrations from the product team, covering the Enterprise BSS/OSS roadmap from both a feature and architectural perspective. Now on Cerillion’s new year.release naming scheme, these releases reflect much more clearly how our latest products are being developed and deployed, providing greater transparency to our customers and prospects.

As well as previewing completely new features (look out for our upcoming product launch in April), the forum provided the opportunity to see the continued investment and evolution in existing modules too, with customers on our Evergreen Programme entitled to receive these updates with every six-monthly release.

One of the highlights of the forum was a demonstration of the latest updates to Cerillion Business Insights, with an expanded set of dashboards, reports and widgets that can be embedded throughout the product suite. First introduced in Cerillion 8.2, Business Insights is a powerful analytics platform that unlocks the full value of customer data by enabling users to easily explore, visualise and query data in real-time.

“We continue to receive a great response to the online Product Forum,” said Brian Coombs, Product Director at Cerillion, “and to the improvements we’re implementing in our products. It remains an invaluable platform for conversation and collaboration between Cerillion and our customers, and a priority component of our ongoing mission to refine our software.”

Customers who were unable to attend the Product Forum should contact their Cerillion account manager for more information and to register their interest in attending future forums.

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