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Cerillion Product Forum – September 2022

Product Forum Sept 2022 Small

Cerillion’s Product Forum offers customers a twice-annual look at the newest enhancements to our product suite and sets out the roadmap for the next 24 months. See the highlights from September’s meet here.

Recently, Cerillion welcomed its customers from around the world for its second Product Forum of the year, ahead of the next major release due out this month.

The Forum is our customers’ chance to see the latest updates and new features of our product suite, and an opportunity for them to have their say on the direction of future releases.

Following a short introduction courtesy of Louis Hall, Cerillion’s CEO, it was over to Product Director Brian Coombs for the roadmap update, detailing enhancements and the newest features planned over the next two years.

“Making things easier for you, making things easier to upgrade, making things easier for you to keep the software as relevant and as useful to your business as possible.”

As part of ongoing modernisation efforts to keep our products relevant, we’re always looking for ways to improve our tech stack as new technologies come along. Currently, our focus is on four main areas of development:

  • Optimisation, through a context aware presentation layer, containerisation, automation, and deployment in the cloud or on-premises where still required.
  • Configuration not customisation, enabling customers to personalise their deployments to match their business.
  • Standardisation, with a big push towards the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open APIs. Cerillion now has seven certified Open APIs, with many more in development, and some of our customers already enjoying the benefits they bring to their deployments and integration.
  • Ease-of-use, a business rules-driven user experience tailored to digital natives.

Brian’s roadmap update was followed by a live demo of some of the latest features, including those voted for by customers in the previous forum back in March – a great example of the collaborative nature and benefits of attending.

Thanks to recent changes to our technology stack, the ability for customers to streamline business processes has been greatly expanded, making it easier for users to tailor their experience without the need for any code changes.

Following this demo was a look at deployment improvements from Andrew Torrance, Cerillion’s Group Solution Architect. As some of our longest-standing customers will attest to, our product suite is now much larger and more expansive than ever, so the latest updates around automated installs were very well received.

“It’s great to once again have this opportunity to showcase the latest product version, and get direct feedback from our customers,” said Brian of the event. “The product forum remains well-received, and integral to the future direction of the product suite, as well as our strategy going ahead.”

With our next online forum set to be complemented by an in-person meeting in London, we look forward to seeing everyone in person once again, while ensuring those across the world unable to be with us physically can nonetheless hear the latest updates and have their input.

Speak to your Cerillion account manager for more information and to register your interest in attending the next Product Forum.

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